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This is Sesami's Shopify store, where you can book us for a demo, partnership inquiry or support call.

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App Demo

App Demo

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Support Web Meeting

Support Web Meeting

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  • Sesami App Demo

    We'll walk you trough our Shopify app and its features. Or we'll address any questions you'll have prior to installing Sesami.

  • Let's talk business

    Are you an enterprise and are looking for a custom solution with Sesami? We'll love to speak with you!

  • Support Call

    If you're facing any technical issue with Sesami or Shopify, we're here to help


How can I schedule a call with the team Sesami?

Simply click on any of the services above (demo, Business or support) and select your desired time slot and add to cart. Finally by finishing the checkout, the appointment is created and a calendar event will be sent to you.

Is there a fee for booking a call with the team Sesami?

No, they're absolutely Free.

Why did we create a Shopify store to manage our bookings?

This is all Sesami is about and we love to use our app! Sesami lets you and your customers book your services, the best way possible.