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Custom Integration (Priority Development Support)

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If you need development assistance to setup Sesami with your theme, you can purchase and book a custom setup service with us!

What should I expect?

 🔵 Once purchased, our team will contact you via email or phone.

 🔵 Our custom setup service equates to 1 hour of development time. We will inform you if your request is out of scope or if the request would require a lot more time.

 🔵 Our team will send you a partner access request prior to the session, you will need to accept that so we can access your store.

 🔵 Our team will log in to your store and will setup Sesami to work on your theme based on the requirements and considerations you provide. 

 🔵 Once completed, our team will promptly let you know :-)

Terms and Conditions

 🔵 For better or worse, each theme is different and some themes might prove to be impossible to integrate with Sesami. While Sesami works out of the box most themes created with Shopify's design standards, sometimes a theme is so heavily customized that we wouldn't be able to complete it without a theme overhaul. If this is the case, we will issue a full refund and will get back to you with technical details.

 🔵 Please make sure you don’t make any changes to your store during the time we are working on it.

 🔵 Please note that this is for the current theme setup, in case you change the theme, you will have to install Sesami on the new theme and if that one will also require custom integration, you will need to purchase this service again.

 🔵 We will provide a full log of what we changed in your store.